About Us

About Us

The establishment of our company dates back to 1993.

Our company, which was founded to realize various engineering projects, began to implement various structures, especially boats, using only composite materials through a radical change in 2010.

Due to the founding family’s passion for sailing and boats, the production of racing sailboats became the main concentration of our company in the initial stage. However, not only the main components of the boat, such as the hull and deck, but also the essential parts of a racing boat, such as carbon rudder, mast, and deck fittings, were chosen to be produced in-house to increase the company’s experience with different materials and production methods instead of sourcing them externally.

The boats we produce as CSC Composites have been exported to many countries around the world. These boats have made unparalleled contributions to our country’s success in this sector by ranking in the top 3 in the world’s most challenging and prestigious races, despite tough competitors and conditions.

During this process, high-tech composite productions have been carried out for various sectors, primarily the marine industry. Almost all of these products have been exported and started to be used in different parts of the world.

For more details about this period, you can visit our boats page.

In 2017, we brought to life all the chassis and body parts of Turkey’s first electric concept car using carbon fiber. In the following year, we started the mass production of French Phantom catamarans, known as hydrofoils, which were the most innovative platform of the time and flew above the water thanks to their wings. Within two years, we produced a total of 60 boats and wings and exported all of them.

In 2019, we took a step into the defense and aviation industry by developing the composite part of Albatros, the largest propeller-driven drone platform implemented in our country, in a very short time in collaboration with Altınay, the project owner. In the same years, we started to participate in the Superyacht industry, where our country has an important share, with our own design and engineering using carbon fiber equipment.

With our increasing experience, capabilities, investments, and expanding product portfolio, we continue to carry out productions for many companies both domestically and internationally

In 2022, in line with our expanding capacity, we started the construction of our new factory in the Kınık district of İzmir province.
We have started the construction of our factory, which is designed entirely for composite production and will have an area of approximately 5,500 m² and a closed area of 2,000 m², and we plan to start operations in our new facility before the middle of 2023.


  • Vacuum tables in various dimensions. 1,2 x 6 m autoclave
  •  Prepreg ovens for small parts
  • Total 4 each of redundant vacuum pumps
  • Cold room (-18°C) for prepregs
  • Ventilated paint booth
  • Solidworks and Autodesk Fusion softwares for 3D work
  • Olympus Omniscan SX ultrasound and different probes for NDT
  • 3 Axis (3 x 2 x 1m) CNC milling machine
  • Clean room for prepreg lay-up

Quality Policy

Quality management requires particular attention, especially in the field of composite production.

From the storage conditions of the raw materials to the application environment, from the consumables used to the application conditions, various components significantly influence the quality of the final product. Therefore, in order to achieve a high-quality product, all steps of the process must adhere to a certain quality standard from beginning to end.

The quality process is what sets composite production apart from other conventional materials such as steel, aluminum, or wood. Paying attention to and closely following various details is an unavoidable necessity for ensuring quality in composite production.

Here, based on our experiences and the lessons we have learned, we pay attention to quality at every step of the production process through the implementation of our own procedures.

As for the certification of our quality, we have been ISO 9001 certified since 2021. Furthermore, we have initiated efforts to obtain the AS9100 quality certificate in order to enhance our position in the defense and aviation sectors.