Our company was founded in 1994. Since 2010 we continue our production primarily devoted to the composite industry; which includes molds, constructions and various other productions out of carbon fiber and glass fiber.

The production methods we use include hand lay-up, vacuum bagging, vacuum infusion and prepreg.

Regarding molds, we practice the most innovative methods in the world working with great partners. We have produced several molds for our own company as well as other boat making companies. Each projects needs are considered and the decision of applying wood over CNC posts, making a mold out of CNC models or -if low production costs are aimed- producing a wood or a CNC mold straight are among our company's cost efficient traits. We use licensed SolidWorks software for the design of our molds, which is one of the industry's top rated softwares.

In line with our company vision, we made it our mission to implement worldwide trends, innovative methods, materials and applications. Thus, along the projects we've worked on, we received consultancy from Tony Evans (Owner of Yachting Concepts/ ie.America's Cup, Vendee Globe) on the production of high-tech composite modern racing yachts and from Teun De Vries (who formerly worked at Polyworks which is a Dutch infusion consultancy company) about infusion technologies on several occasions. Such valuable experiences enabled our production team to grow beyond our country's standards, enriching us with knowledge, experience and vision.

We continue our longtime partnership with Jason Ker and his company KYD and produced several KYD designs so far. Amongst these productions are:
- the production of Bolt 37's (racing sail boat) all molds and parts and their assembly (the mold in 13 months- 3 boats delivered)
- the production and export of various keels or England, Spain, Holland (TP52, Ker39, Comet45)
- the production of a keel-hull construction for Monaco (Aluminum and carbon keel hull connection construction for Ker 53)  
- the production of a racing sail boat for San Diego
- the production of Infinity 46 for France (the most complicated racing boat until now)
- the export of carbon composite components for Italy and Slovenia.

References are available from our customers in US, France, England or Turkey upon request.