Keels are among the most precise and important parts of a yacht. Especially for racing boats, a precisely made keel with very smooth surface finish affects the performance of the boat considerably.

For this reason our experienced, qualified and conscious work force is capable producing high quality keels for a large range of yachts including Grand-Prix racing boats. CSC Composites provides the following services: preparing casting plugs of the fin and/or bulb, casting operations, machining by 5 axis CNC machine to final dimensions and lastly surface finishing and painting as per the requirements depending on the type of the boat.

CSC Composites can offer fins made of a wide range of materials and processes to it's customers. Whether your design is based on forged steel, fabricated steel or GGG50 cast iron or carbon, CSC Composites will deliver you a high quality end product.

Our lead casting capacity is maximum 50 tons, CNC processing capacity is 15 tons.